• Wrapping fabric is manufactured through the process of weaving.
  • More durable than non-woven fabrics.
  • It is non stretchable.
  • It gives an elegant look once the material is wrapped.
  • Available Fabric Widths – 12” – 52” Standard.
  • Available Fabric Length – 1500 mtr. - Standard.
  • Colours – White, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc.
  • Weight – 70 gms to 150 gms per mtr.
  • Our wrapping fabrics are made out of HDPE with laminated / unlaminated roll form.
  • It is generally used for the wrapping of fabrics, yarn, paper cones, paper bundles, paper rolls, steel coils, etc.
  • It is also used widely for wrapping up bigger bales of any material.
Can Priyafil provide customized industrial wrapping fabric solutions?

Yes, customization is one of our core capabilities. Priyafil can customize the size, thickness, color, and other specifications of industrial wrapping fabrics to meet your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions for their industrial packaging needs.

What are the key features to consider when choosing industrial wrapping fabrics?

When selecting industrial wrapping fabrics, important factors to consider include strength, durability, tear resistance, puncture resistance, and compatibility with the packaged products. Our fabrics are designed to provide optimal protection and secure containment.

Can Priyafil's industrial wrapping fabrics be used for both heavy-duty and lightweight applications?

Yes, our industrial wrapping fabrics are versatile and can be used for both heavy-duty and lightweight applications. We offer a range of fabric options with varying strength and weight capacities to suit different packaging needs.

Which industries commonly use industrial wrapping fabrics?

Industrial wrapping fabrics are commonly used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. They are essential for securing and protecting goods during storage, transportation, and handling.

Does Priyafil's industrial wrapping fabric offer protection against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors?

Yes, our industrial wrapping fabrics can be engineered with specific properties to provide protection against moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors. We offer options for enhanced UV resistance and moisture barrier capabilities.


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