• High tensile strength & light weight.
  • It withstands at any climatic conditions, if the fencing is done properly.
  • Regular monitoring of fencing ensures the quality of cages & fish in the waterbodies.
  • Investment is very low, compared to other types of fences.
  • Available Fabric Widths - 42 inches, 48 inches, 84 inches & 120 inches - Standard.
  • Available Fabric Length – 30 mtr – Standard.
  • Colours – White, Blue & Black.
  • Weight – 65 gms to 165 gms per mtr. of fabric.
  • These meshes are useful for fencing the fish culture ponds so as to avoid the entry of cattle, birds, etc.
  • Any types of water resources like lakes, reservoirs, ponds, strip pits, streams and river beds can be fenced.
  • The water bodies can be fenced in various suitable sizes and shapes and distance.
  • The design of the fencing is tailor-made in accordance to the requirements.


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