• Window screens keep insects, bugs, flies, birds and dust from entering the home or workspace.
  • Designed to cover the window or door with required level of firmness and strength.
  • Screens are created with mesh fabrics stretched on a wooden or metal frame with the support of Velcro and easily mountable onto the edges of window or door.
  • Door length screens mounted on the main entrance, or as room area separators give a neat look, allowing natural light and air circulation.
  • Most creatively used currently on balconies and porches as sun shades and dust covers also.
  • Available widths – 42 inches, 48 inches & 60 inches.
  • Available Length – 30 mtr.
  • Colours - Blue, Green, White, Grey, Ivory, Sea Green, Light Sea Green.
  • Weight – 50 gms to 250 gms per mtr. of fabric.
  • Window Screens.
  • Doorways with separate screen panel.
  • Balconies & Portico screens.


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