• Net fabrics are fine enough to resist insects, flies and mosquitos from entering in without reducing visibility or air flow to unacceptable levels for the user.
  • Nets made from our fabrics give an elegant look, with flowing texture or stiffness as required.
  • It is light in weight and easy to handle.
  • ‘Priyafil’ manufactures these fabrics in an attractive range of colours.
  • Available widths – 54 inches & 60 inches.
  • Available Length – 50 mtr.
  • Colours - Blue, Green, Sea Green, Light Sea Green, Zebra, Stripes, Rose Pink, Badam Pink & Ivory.
  • Weight – 50 gms to 80 gms per mtr. of fabric.
  • Bed Mosquito curtain.
  • Cattle Sheds.
  • Picnic Bunkers.


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