• It removes the residues from any substance.
  • It is used as a sifter in the kitchen to separate and break-up clumps from the dry ingredients.
  • It is also used as a strainer to filter liquids from any solid substances.
  • Available Fabric Widths – 42”, 48” & 84” - Standard.
  • Available Fabric Length – 30 mtr. - Standard.
  • Available in 20,30,40 and 60 Mesh.
  • Colours – White.
  • Weight – 80 gms to 150 gms per mtr.
  • Sieves are also known as sifters. They play a major role in domestic as well as in food industries like flourmills, sugar refining and cocoa and beverage production processes.
  • A sieve is a device created to separate wanted elements from unwanted substances and larger particles from smaller ones.
  • It is used as a screen of mesh/net.
  • It is widely used in construction sites to separate sand and gravel.


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