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Exporting Quality Solutions from India to Empower Australian Agriculture and Aquaculture.

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About Priyafil

Priyadarshini Filaments Pvt. Ltd is a Brand Leader, Manufacturer & Merchant Exporter of HDPE Monofilament Woven & Knitted fabrics, Polyknit Shade Net Fabrics & screens. Popular as ‘Priyafil’ our brands offer quality TECHNICAL TEXTILES with varied applications. Users of our fabrics are from Agriculture, Aquaculture, Infrastructure, Packaging, Home textiles and decor, Pharma, Construction, Geotech and other important domestic and industrial sectors. We have a pan-India presence and our strong network and distribution links help in easy procurement and exports world wide.

Pioneers in the field, Priyadarshini Filaments started as the entrepreneurial venture of Sri Ramdas M Prabhu in 1972 in Bangalore. Over five decades, we have built  a strong niche in the industry, through our commitment to quality, while consistently rising to customer aspirations.

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Patented Technology


High Tensile Strength


Revolutionize Agriculture with Our Textile Solutions

Our technical textiles redefine modern agriculture. From advanced crop protection to soil enhancement, our solutions are tailored to drive higher yields and greater sustainability.

Enhancing Aquaculture with Our Textile Solutions

Discover the power of innovation in aquaculture. Our textiles are designed to optimize water quality, enhance fish health, and provide reliable solutions for sustainable aquatic environments.

Insect Net

Guard your crops with precision – our insect nets provide a shield against pests, ensuring bountiful yields.

Shade Net

Harness nature's power wisely – our shade nets create optimal conditions for healthy growth in any environment.

Vegetable Packaging Net

From field to table, our vegetable packaging net secures freshness and quality, preserving your harvest.

Tea Leaf Collection Bags

Harvesting excellence, one leaf at a time – our tea leaf collection bags help maintaining leaf integrity.

Fish Breeding Net / Hapas

Nurture aquatic life with finesse – our fish breeding nets provide a secure haven for healthy fish growth.

Pond Fencing Fabrics

Encircle aquatic realms with reliability – our pond fencing fabric safeguards water bodies for aquaculture.